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Current Covid arrangments 2022

With the ever changing covid situation, the Club Committee is committed to the highest possible safety settings for members and visitors. As the situation evolves, we will modify our arrangements. Our priorities are continuing to play tennis and safety of all.

This information is based on the update from SA Health as at 16 January 2022.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 after being at Millswood, you must:

· Self-isolate in your home or accommodation

· Tell the following people that you have tested positive for COVID-19:

o people staying at your house

o any people you have met socially for 15 minutes or more in an indoor place without a mask:

― from 2 days before you got sick until now,


― if you had no symptoms, from 2 days before your test until now

· We also ask that you inform the club that you were infectious and contact Mark Mitton on 0413 801308 or Anna Mitton on 0400 741620. We can then inform members that someone was COVID -19 positive on a particular day at the Club. If you are comfortable providing your name that will also assist us informing any members that you may have come into contact with for a prolonged period.

MLTC Restrictions

We want to continue to play tennis uninterrupted over the next few weeks if possible. The more we keep tennis as an outside activity and the less time we spend inside the Clubhouse the safer we will be.

As 16 January 2022, we ask that all members adhere to the following directions as outlined by the MLTC Committee:

· Masks are to be worn inside the club at all times including when using the toilets.

· All food and drinks are to be consumed outside.

· Members are to bring their own supplies of food and beverages and not share food. This includes Happy Hour and lunches.

· Tea and coffee facilities are not to be used.

· The cold drink fountain is to be turned off.

· The fridge will be turned off & not used for storage of your drinks or purchasing drinks.

· The TV will be turned off. Any sport is to be viewed on your mobile phone.

· If entering the Clubhouse please sanitise your hands & spend minimal time inside the facility.

As part of our ongoing prevention measures at Millswood please continue to use the QR code check-in, hand sanitiser and observe social distancing where possible and stay away if unwell.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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